NEW – Check out the Pose Guide!

Warrior 1 from the Joy Peace and Health pose guide


It’s a work in progress (labor of love?), but my husband and I are working on a pose guide for the sight! We’ll be continuing to add more poses and plan to include tips for proper alignment, health benefits and my occasional two cents. Check it out!

Props to Chip (the hubby) for all of the fabulous illustrations and also for helping me figure out how the heck to even maneuver a website!


Another fantastic site for checking out poses is:


  1. Joel Boydston says:

    Hi Mona! This is so kewel! Love your writing, your brass, and your level of excitement over this, your new career. I don’t know if I’ve talked with you about it, but when I went to school at COD, I studied Eastern Religions and practiced Kundalini yoga for over a year. It was a very cool time of my life. It left an indelible mark on my life for the better.

    Love ya! Say hey to Chip for me.


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