Where Oh Where Have I Been?

Hi all!


As it turns out, I’m finding that having my own website and keeping it updated is a bit more challenging then expected! Forgive me for these long gaps in my posts and please feel free to supplement by visiting (and “Liking”) my Joy Peace and Health Facebook page, which is a little easier for me to update, however, no excuses, I really do need to understand and use this website a lot more often! Stay tuned! My long term goal is to figure this whole website thing out and make it something enjoyable for you all!


To be honest, one of my major hurdles (aside from struggling with how the heck to maneuver a website) has been getting back on the computer to do “work”. I’ve worked in an office environment for well over half of my adult life (thus far anyway), most of it spent staring at computer screens, composing emails, creating excel spreadsheets, yada yada…These days, my computer time is limited to catching up on Facebook, checking my personal emails, and googling anything from Yoga and Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease (it’s a thing, look it up!), to Hummingbird Bee Moth images (they’re cute, believe!), and entertainingly enough…the Sasquatchit (see the Bigfoot Lunch Club website for that gem!). I needed a break from my computer screen, and this past year has been all about taking a little time away from it, focusing more on building my yoga classes, getting off my butt and taking care of some things that I’d been slacking on, and enjoying life away from a desk.


I’ve got some updates to my class schedules and a lot of thoughts/info/etc I’d like to share soon, so stay tuned!

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