NEW – Check out the Pose Guide!

Warrior 1 from the Joy Peace and Health pose guide


It’s a work in progress (labor of love?), but my husband and I are working on a pose guide for the sight! We’ll be continuing to add more poses and plan to include tips for proper alignment, health benefits and my occasional two cents. Check it out!

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Hello friends, welcome to my website!


Wonder what this site is all about? It’s about pursuing my passion, braving strange, new landscapes, making life an adventure, sharing what I learn along the way and yoga!


For over 12 years, yoga has played an extremely important role in my life, both physically and emotionally, and after years of dreaming about turning something I love into something I get to do for a living, I’ve decided to make that leap. This is such an exciting (and admittedly somewhat intimidating) time in my life, that I thought it would honestly be great to document what happens, pass along the experience, provide you with as much yoga knowledge as I can, and maybe even inspire you…whether that’s to try yoga for the first time, try out one of my classes, or to make your own leaps…


This website symbolizes a number of firsts for me. My first website, my first public forum, and most importantly, the very first time I’ve hit the restart button on my career path. I have no idea what to expect, but I am so anxious to tell you about it! This site is a work in progress, so check back often. I’ll be providing online classes, updating you on what’s going on, where I’m teaching and anything I can think of that fills these pages with what I consider Joy, Peace and Health!!!!